Apple schedules Q4 2016 earnings call livestream for October 27

As it normally does before earnings calls, Apple noted on its investor news webpage this evening that it will hold its fourth quarter earnings call on October 27th. The call... Read more

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SharePoint for Android now available in beta testing version

If you or your company constantly accesses various team websites or intranet sites and office-related documents while you're mobile, then you probably use a lot of various... Read more

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Lenovo lays off more than half of its remaining Motorola workforce

Update: Lenovo has officially announced the lay-off in a strategic shift to keep Moto competitive. Its accompanying press statement, which refutes suggestions that remaining... Read more

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This is the Google Pixel

It's not exactly a secret anymore that Google will be announcing a slew of new gadgets next week at its hardware event on October 4 . VentureBeat can confirm that the world... Read more

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5 bots to try this week: SolveKaro,, Rebotify, MindIQ, and Reminders

EXCLUSIVE: Bollywood, Hollywood and math. Yes, math , or if you prefer, maths . Helping students with basic arithmetic, as well solving basic quadratic and cubic equations in... Read more

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Survival of the smartest: Superbugs defeated with evolutionary trick

(credit: Eric Erbe, Christopher Pooley, USDA ) Bacteria are wizzes at developing resistance to our most powerful antibiotics. This unfortunate skill leads to millions of... Read more

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Two million year climate record sheds light on change in ice ages

Enlarge When it comes to understanding the Earth's past climates, we have to understand what the global temperatures were. Instrument readings only go back to the 1800s, so... Read more

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Apple to Announce Q4 2016 Earnings Results on October 27

Apple today updated its investor relations page to note that it will announce its earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2016 on Thursday, October 27. The earnings report... Read more

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Get online peace of mind for less: this $500 VPN is now just $29

There's no getting around it - if you're online, you need a VPN to protect your virtual privacy and sensitive information. Lock in a great price on a reliable VPN provider for... Read more

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Today's Apps Gone Free: VisualMath 4D, RadOnc Reference, Spinny Phone and More

Visualize functions, recall and calculate medical information, and test your reflexes with todays collection of apps and games. All app prices are subject to change at any time... Read more

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Chromecast Ultra revealed in leaked image

See full gallery on TechnoBuffalo Google's Chromecast is expected to get a big upgrade next month with a new 4K-enabled model reportedly called the Chromecast Ultra and priced... Read more

Plex Debuts New 'Plex Cloud' Beta Service for Accessing Media Anywhere

Plex today announced the debut of a new Plex Cloud service, which is designed to allow Plex users to store their media in the cloud so it's accessible anywhere without the need... Read more

Samsung Patent Hints At “Note Pen” With Integrated Speaker

A new Samsung patent has been discovered that suggests the company is looking to launch a new version of the S Pen in the future. While the most recent S Pen that launches with... Read more

Windows 10 Tip: Enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge

Today's Windows 10 tip is all about enabling the dark theme in Microsoft Edge. Earlier we shared how you can personalize your PC by enabling the dark theme , but did you know... Read more

Andromeda to launch on 7-inch Google-Huawei 'Nexus' tablet

With Google well and truly at the forefront of the rumor mill, the updates are arriving thick and fast. A short while ago, we heard that the company's Andromeda OS could be... Read more

Sponsored App Review: DU Battery Saver - Power Saver 09/26/16

DU Battery Saver - Power Saver is an Android app that wants to make it as easy as possible for users to save battery on their devices, as well as prolong the overall life of... Read more

Leak: New Google Pixel XL Case Renders Surface Online

Right now, there are few news stories bigger than Google's October 4 event. Which is understandable with the event so close. However, this year the event seems even more... Read more

Google's Own Echo-Like Device 'Google Home' Rumored to Cost $130

Google will formally announced its Wi-Fi enabled smart home device, Google Home, at its upcoming October 4 press event, according to a new report by Android Police . The device... Read more

There's a Nintendo 64 emulator on the official Xbox store

There's now a Nintendo 64 emulator up on the Xbox and Windows 10 store. It's selling for $9.99, and it's called the Win64e10. According to its description, the emulator will... Read more

John Chen says BlackBerry targets are being met despite potential hardware...

Once the cream of the smartphone crop, BlackBerry has had it pretty tough these past few years. While its hardware division continues to struggle amid a looming closure, John... Read more